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2008 elections : realignment of the American political map

Published 2009

The main purpose for this thesis is to investigate and test the possibility that

electoral realignment in the U.S. took place between 2004 through 2008. Evidence,

based on some initial empirical indicators and scholarly analysis, will be presented,

that the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections signaled a continuous

movement of the political pendulum from a conservative/right position to a more

liberaVleft one. This thesis will present information on the potential endurance and

effectiveness of the currently governing Democratic coalition, which is important for

the sake of identifying the longevity of the possible realignment. Furthermore, it will

identify apparent changes in the composition of American electorate, and as a

consequence, if realignment indeed took place, exploration of potential differences of

the realignment effects on four geographical areas of the country: the coastal states of

the Northeast and West, Midwest, Deep South and the Western/Mountain states will

be made. To investigate these aforementioned questions, empirical evidence from the

2004-2008 elections, which many are claiming count as realigning elections, will be

compared and contrasted to the last two realigning periods in American history,

which many scholars agree culminated with the 1932 and 1968 elections.

Language English
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